Sunday, 29 July 2012

Rozelle Market treats

Many years ago, (actually about 7!), Rozelle, Sydney was my home. I loved it. I loved the 'villagey' vibe, the quirky local characters and i especially loved the local flea markets. Pretty much every Saturday and Sunday i would wander up to the local primary school (where the markets were set up) and discover sooo many treats and treasures that i just had to have! These markets really formed and fed my love of vintage (of all things from packaging, clothing, homewares...and funny little odd bits and bobs.)

Here are a few of my little treasures:

The top 4 pics are actually on a kids' table and chair set. One of the locals had cut out 70's kids' book illustrations and pasted and lacquered them onto the chairs and table (decoupage style). I love these illustrations, so quirky! The next 3 are pantyhose packaging...what's a donkey got  to do with pantyhose?? Love it!
And the final pic, beautiful patterned boxes...yum.

Think i may need a little Rozelle holiday and a Rozelle Market fix  :)

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