Tuesday, 10 July 2012

bunnies, foxes and tangerine tales

We are now in week 4 of the 2nd module of the Surface Pattern Design course i am doing-wow and is it faster paced than the first module???? Yep! I will be more regular in my blogging when i can catch my breath...and catch up with all the (fun and inspiring) course exercises!

One of our on-going course exercises throughout this module is to create a 'doodle wall' - a big sheet of paper up on the wall and just....doodle. Don't think, just draw. I'm loving it! Here are some of my little creations.....(sorry, a little grainy, taken with an iphone at night and no flash!)....... 

                        .......and a pattern: with my little characters from my doodle wall....  :)

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