Friday, 31 August 2012

More exciting news.....

Last week saw the official launch of a very exciting new online magazine devoted to Surface Pattern Design, titled Moyo, a Japanese word meaning 'pattern' - another exciting creation from the super-creative duo: Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls. It is jam-packed with lots of eye candy!! Yum.

Very excited that kooky-zu has been featured too-yay! 

My patterns....showcased!

When i returned from my holiday, i was so excited to discover that while i was away, a collection of my designs were showcased in Rachael Taylor's blog. It was a piece dedicated to the Module 2 students of the fantastic course The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design run by the very talented  Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls. It was such a buzz to be included. Check out the post here, so happy to be amongst some of my very talented fellow classmates!

My 'cavalcade of characters'...up close and personal!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

aaaahhh...the serenity!

Well, i am back from my North Queensland tropical adventure, and here are my fave piccies from my time away. I think they capture the way i was feeling: pretty relaxed, reflective and happy.
It was a different type of holiday. I was taking my little boy Harry up to have a holiday with his Dad in Townsville, and while he was doing that, i thought i would take the opportunity to venture out of that town, and have a bit of an adventure! Sooooo glad i did.....
There is nothing like the freedom of backpacking, i remember that feeling from my 20's, and on this little holiday that feeling came rushing back!! I was spontaneous, happy and,! Maybe i wasn't the authentic, hardcore backpacker from my 20's, (i did stay in a little 'boutique hotel' in port Douglas for 2 nights!), but the rest, i hostelled it: yep, showered with thongs on, coped with snorers, shared a communal kitchen with french families and met 2 pretty amazing women which i know i will stay in touch with.
Think this may just become one of my new annual rituals.
Oh....and i ate pretty well night i sat down to a coconut creme brulee-yes, served in a coconut and a glass of champagne to wash it down! Hmmm, maybe i have stepped it up a notch from my backpacking days!!