Wednesday, 29 August 2012

aaaahhh...the serenity!

Well, i am back from my North Queensland tropical adventure, and here are my fave piccies from my time away. I think they capture the way i was feeling: pretty relaxed, reflective and happy.
It was a different type of holiday. I was taking my little boy Harry up to have a holiday with his Dad in Townsville, and while he was doing that, i thought i would take the opportunity to venture out of that town, and have a bit of an adventure! Sooooo glad i did.....
There is nothing like the freedom of backpacking, i remember that feeling from my 20's, and on this little holiday that feeling came rushing back!! I was spontaneous, happy and,! Maybe i wasn't the authentic, hardcore backpacker from my 20's, (i did stay in a little 'boutique hotel' in port Douglas for 2 nights!), but the rest, i hostelled it: yep, showered with thongs on, coped with snorers, shared a communal kitchen with french families and met 2 pretty amazing women which i know i will stay in touch with.
Think this may just become one of my new annual rituals.
Oh....and i ate pretty well night i sat down to a coconut creme brulee-yes, served in a coconut and a glass of champagne to wash it down! Hmmm, maybe i have stepped it up a notch from my backpacking days!!