Sunday, 3 June 2012

Welcome.......and yay!

Hello and welcome to my very first kooky-zu post!
This is very exciting for me. You see, I have had this funny little name in my head (and creative ideas about it), for some time now, but life 'stuff' had kept me occupied and overwhelmed at times and I went on ignoring it. Until the urge just got so strong and the voice in my head so loud that I couldn't ignore it any longer.
All I know is, that when I am drawing these funny little characters, I feel centred and calm.....without really thinking, they appear on the page...I think they have been waiting to be born for a while. I think I had to be still enough for them to come out.

This quote by Carl Jung sums up how I feel perfectly.....

I have been very fortunate in my work life to have travelled and lived overseas as a graphic/pattern designer but now I am most excited to see what journey kooky-zu will take me on......all I know is I am glad I am here. It feels right and it feels happy...and that's got to be a good thing! :)


  1. Hi Julianne! I love your creatures! They are lovely, and it's nice they need you to come to 'live' ^_^.
    Welcome to the blogging community.
    Only one tip... if you add the Join This Site widget, it's easier for people interested in following your work and posts (like me) to do so.

  2. Kooky-Zu! So glad you have made it!

    Congratulations on getting your blog out there! Looking forward to meeting these little funny characters. Gorgeous characters from a gorgeous chick.

    love Kate