Tuesday, 19 June 2012

birthdays, colds and craziness!

I haven't meant to neglect my little blog for so many days-it was a crazy week!
My Dad turned 70 yesterday. I still can't believe it. So there was a party, family and friends visiting, it was lovely.

To the kindest man I have ever known, you have always been there for me and believed in me. Happy Birthday Dad!

Harry and I have also had the normal wintry colds, so I will blame that too on my inactive blogging :( but on the mend and looking forward to jumping into Module 2 of the amazing course I am doing (which I have mentioned earlier), the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. Yippee! It started yesterday and am so looking forward to being inspired and excited by Rachael, Beth and all my amazing and talented classmates!

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